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USA Retailer Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. If you are a new retailer and haven't made any previous orders with us, the first order will have ACH or credit card only, unless approved prior.

  2. Title to the goods shall not pass to the purchaser until payment is received by SmoothStar from the retailer. 

  3. Late term payments will result in ACH or credit card terms for all future orders. 

  4. If the buy has been approved for invoice bulling and future payments are late or delayed, the purchaser will need to pre-pay the invoice until they can demonstrate reliable payments.

  5. Unless prior arrangements are made, credit will not be extended if payment for prior months purchases has not been made. SmoothStar reserves the right to hold up supply if payment for outstanding invoices is not settled in full. 

  6. If the retail does not pay for goods on the due date specified in this agreement SmoothStar is hereby irrevocably authorised to enter the purchaser’s premises (or any premises under the control of the purchaser or an agent of the purchaser if the goods are stored at such premises or premises under the control of a new owner of the purchaser’s business) and take possession of the goods without liability for the tort of trespass, negligence or payment of any compensation to the purchaser whatsoever. 

  7. Retailer will respect all RRP (recommended retail prices). It is not recommended to sell less than the price of the official SmoothStar Australia website. Retail shops that only have an online sales option are not supported by SI. However, if a retail store has a physical store open with regular trading hours, they are permitted to sell SmoothStar online but with specific brand guidelines and values e.g. complete size recommendations for each surfer. Retailers will be required to ensure all online shops follow SmoothStar brand guidelines.

  8. If selling online, retailers must adhere to the official SmoothStar brand guidelines by using the SmoothStar recommended board calculator or the SmoothStar recommended wheel calculator. Both programs can be optimised to fit within 3rd party online retailers websites. Failure to use the calculators will not adhere to brand guidelines and we will request that you suspend online selling and promotion of SmoothStar. Please contact SmoothStar support staff on how to install the calculators.

  9.  Minimum 10 boards on the first order and 4 boards when re order.


  1. SmoothStar Australia provides a warranty policy. The inclusions of it is covered here.

  2. SmoothStar Australia grants warranty on all manufacturing faults within 12 months of purchase. Proof of purchase will need to be provided from the retailer of customer. Exclusions from manufacturing faults are general “wear and tear” or aesthetic damage caused by third party. Further details of what is covered is located within the product warranty section here.

  3. All warranty claims must follow the warranty process of statement of claim and sent to with evidence of product purchase and photo or video of the damage.

  4. All warranty claims from retailers or their customers are approved by SmoothStar staff. Retailers are not authorised to approve warranty claims of SmoothStar products. Retailers are not allowed to take other spare parts from other new products without SmoothStar staff authorisation.

  5. SmoothStar is able to conduct repairs and reconditioning services. Please contact our SmoothStar staff to locate the nearest repair centre. 









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