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Limited Edition 32.5″ Filipe Toledo #77 THD Yellow


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Is this SmoothStar right for me?

The 32.5″ Toledo 77 model is perfect for surfers around the 5″6′ (167cm) to 6″ (182cm) in height.. It will hold rail turns without sliding out for surfers that are under 85kg. It has the deeper concave in the deck which provides more ability to hold the rail when carving. It shares the same concave as the 31.5″ and 34.5″ models.



3.3 kg


32.5” Matt Black

Deck Tail Width





Black Powder Coat Aluminim

Thruster Type

Black Thruster D

Optimum Size
Deep Concave
Wheel Size


The 32.5” Toledo #77 is the newest SmoothStar model for our team rider and 2022 World Champion Filipe Toledo. Filipe was specific in the design process…and we delivered. The Toledo 32.5″ is the board that is dialed in for Filipe's height and weight. A smaller cut down version of his 32.5" model is available here. The matt black deck with his #77 in gloss is what Filipe wanted.

Limited Edition

This exclusive model is a celebration of passion, innovation, and the exhilarating spirit of surfing! The Yellow 77, his favourite number and the colour he wears because he's number 1 in the world. Filipe Toledo is not just a surfer; he's a force of nature on the waves. With his incredible skill and unmatched style, Filipe has risen to become one of the most influential figures in modern surfing. His commitment to pushing the boundaries of the sport and his dedication to creating an impact on the surfing community make him a true inspiration.

Filipe World #1

What sets Filipe apart is not just his skill on a surfboard but also his innovative spirit and always staying humble. He's known for pioneering new tricks and techniques, constantly evolving the sport. His infectious enthusiasm for surfing has inspired countless individuals to take up the sport, making him a role model for the next generation of surfers.

The board setup

The 32.5" Toledo #77 model has a deeper concave compared with the 31" Toledo #77 model. The concave deck provides the rider with a deeper more controlled carving sensation as the deck sits really nice against the feet. The rider can push really hard and the board will hold the rail. We extended the tail to fit the size of a surfer just under 6ft of height. The back wheels have a larger wheel for more hold through turns with a heavier weight rider. 

Thruster D Video

SmoothStar is known for producing high-quality surf training products and components. The Thruster D is no exception, featuring a wide deck, smooth-rolling wheels, and responsive trucks. This ensures durability and a consistent feel while riding.

Thruster D Technology

The 32.5" Toledo #77 Pro model comes with the new SmoothStar Thruster D technology. The Thruster D is the latest in precision engineering that gives surfers the ultimate surf feeling with 15-12% more hold and drive through your surf turns. It's also lighter and comes with a 5 year warranty - read more.

The board setup

The 32.5" #77 Toledo model is the number choice from the 2022 WSL World Champion. 

Most popular questions for this model

Why did SmoothStar create a second model for Felipe Toledo with the #77?

This is because Felipe Toledo was taking the wheels from the Manta Ray model and adding them to the Holy Toledo model. He was combining two different elements from two different SmoothStars so we thought we would create a new model which would reflect the extra growth that he would have. At the time, he was over-powering his Holy Toledo as he had out-grown it in both weight and height.

Why are the back set of wheels larger than the front set of wheels?

This is because Felipe wanted to keep the looseness in the front where there is a medium wheel compared to a large wheel on the back. With the large wheel on the back, it means he has more hold and drive through his turns but it means he keeps the looseness by having a medium wheel on the front.

What is the significance of the #77 number design?

#77 is the number that Felipe wears on his WSL competitive jersey and puts on all other surf products including his surfboard and tail pad. It is also a religious number to do with the faith he has.